Perishable Logistics

Seagold as a specialist perishable cargo agent has diversified its service offering and operational base to include numerous other commodities in a variety of industries. Perishable that we uplift include commodities like Kinno, Mango, Vegetable, Dates, Potato foodstuff, Ginger, Onion, fish and lots more. We offer a complete concept for producers, exporters and traders, and retailers.

Our Capabilities

  • Multi Product Perishable Handling
  • 24/7 Reefer Handling & Operation
  • Dedicated Staff & Desks
  • Trusted Global Agents
  • Reefer Cooling In Transit Points
  • Multimodal Perishable Handing
  • Insurance Cover
  • Extended Detention & Plug In Free Times

Our Services

  • Perishable Documentation
  • Perishable Customs Brokerage
  • Generator Sets Gensets
  • Perishable Advisory Service
  • Reefer Container Technicians
  • Reefer Container Terminals
  • Trucking & Specialized Loadings
  • Plug In & In-Transit Cooling
Meets special needs of Perishable logistic challenges

Track & Trace

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Contact us

Seagold (Private) Limited
Suite 418-421, 4th Floor, The Plaza, G-7,
Clifton Block 9, KDA Scheme #5, Karachi,

(+92 21) 35205013
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